Suspect a failing hard drive?

If you suspect or have a failing hard drive, please don't insert it into any other computers or try to access the data. Complete this form immediately! We will contact you the same day! Also includes dropped or submerged phones as well.

Is the drive internal or external?

Who is the manufacturer?

Is it a phone?

What is the capacity of the hard drive?

Can you tell me how much data is on the hard drive?

What was the first indication of the failing hard drive?

Did you take it to a technician? Did they run any diagnostics or utilities on it?

What file types are most import (e.g. music, pictures, documents, etc.)? About how much do you have - hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands?

Is the device under warranty?

If encrypted, which encryption, what version, and what is the user name and password? If cannot provide, please know that we cannot begin a recovery without all of that information. How and when can we anticipate receiving that information?

Please share this with friends and family who may need our data recovery services!

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